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Club Property

We are fortunate in having a private club property for many of our events and interests. The property is located a short distance south of Sudbury, in a wild and wonderful part of northern Ontario.

We are lucky enough to have our own small lake, many trails, streams, trees, and wildlife that share this area with us.

Sightings of deer, waterfowl, bear, moose, elk and numerous small animals are a common occurrence there.
From the Southwest bypass, take Long Lake road, turn left on MacFarlane Lake road, the right on Raft Lake Road, then right on Brodil Lake road.
Click on the map below for a larger view. Click here for directions in Google maps.

The club house is used events in the summer and the deck for many BBQ's. The dock can be used for swimming or fishing from. Hiking trails call out for your attention. The archery range is varied and extensive. Hawks nest across the lake and you'd have to go a long way to find a better firing range. We love our property. Can you tell?

In 2010, the sauna was rebuilt thanks to a generous donation from a past member, Henry Frodl. Henry was an avid outdoorsman and dedicated volunteer and life member of the Sudbury Game & Fish club.

Simo Kalviainen rebuilding sauna


Henry Frodl bequeathed a sum of money to the Sudbury Game & Fish club to be used on the property. Henry was the club’s property chair for many years and he worked countless hours there cleaning, clearing & repairing buildings and camp sites. He derived a great deal of pleasure from this work and being a typical European immigrant, he took great pride in his accomplishments. The club executive decided to use the money willed to the club for the refurbishing of the sauna. It was always Henry's wish to repair and get the sauna back into use for the members. So it is that Mike, Esko, & Simo worked to see Henry's dream fulfilled. A plaque was made to commemorate this achievement in Henry's memory.

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