Where Are The Fish

Fishing licenses are required to fish in Ontario for anyone aged 18 to 65. There are also various limits set on fish. You can pick up complete fishing regulations at any branch of the Ministry of Natural Resources, at many tourist information booths, at bait and tackle shops, and from our web site .

Ontario has an annual Family Fishing Weekend. Canadian residents do not need a license to fish on that weekend but limits still apply.

Please think safety first when around water with children. Remember to always wear your Personal Floatation Device when angling and especially when youngsters are near the water.

The lakes and rivers in this brochure are readily accessible by car and have been chosen with families in mind. Fishing can be done from the shoreline and boats are not required. For information about other great places to fish in Sudbury please contact the MNR or ask at a local bait shop.



Prepared for you by the Sudbury Game & Fish Protective Association, and the Ministry of Natural Resources

Lake or River Access Good Fishing For.... Distance From Downtown Sudbury
Vermillion River Hwy 17 W to Centennial Park Pike, Walleye, Perch and Bass 20-25 minutes
Ramsey Lake Paris Street to Ramsey Lake Road, Boat launch on left Bass, Perch, Pike and Walleye 5 minutes
Killarney Hwy 637 to Killarney, Herbert Fisheries. 287-2214 Perch and Pike 1 ½ hours
Rock Lake
-south shore
Hwy 69 S, 40 km from the 4-corners in Sudbury Bass, Perch, Pike and Walleye 30 minutes
Murdock River
-east shore
Hwy 69 S, 44 km from the 4-corners in Sudbury Perch, Pike and Walleye 35minutes
Ink Lake
-north shore
Hwy 69 S, 46 km from the 4-corners in Sudbury Perch, Pike and Walleye 35minutes
Rainbow Hatchery Hanmer, 475 Guenette Drive, 960-3474. No licence required but keep your receipts for proof of catch Pay to Fish 30 minutes
Whitewater Lake Centennial Park, Azilda, 11 km N on Hwy 144 Pike, Walleye and Bass 20 minutes
Stobie Dam
-Vermillion River
Hwy 144 N past Chelmsford to Vermillion Lake Road, turn left and follow to the Vermillion River Pike, Walleye and Bass 45 minutes
Vermillion River
Boat Launch
Hwy 144 N, past Chelmsford, then left on Gordon Lake Road to the bridge Pike, Walleye and 
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